All-round care during the postpartum period

I will provide you with all-round care in the period following the birth of your baby. With daily visits, I help young families to find their way around everyday life with their newborn. The intervals between home visits are then gradually increased to suit individual needs. Health insurance covers the costs of postnatal care up to eight weeks after the birth. In complicated cases, I will also visit twice in the first few days and provide all the necessary medication and aids.

I provide support with breastfeeding/bottle feeding, baby care, handling, the use of slings/carrier systems, checking the proper involution of the uterus and any suture healing. I also perform regular involution exercises and massages with you.

In the beginning, your baby will also be looked at closely every day to detect any infection or neonatal jaundice. I also check their weight regularly to begin with. However, the "examinations" take place in peace and dignity. When I examine your baby, the parents (and perhaps already siblings) can be there too.


I am also very happy to look after women who want to go home immediately after giving birth (outpatient birth).