Continuous & comprehensive support surrounding the birth


Midwifery care means continuous and comprehensive support for all aspects of the birth. As in obstetrics, care during pregnancy and the postpartum period has shown that many complications can be prevented if a trusting relationship is established.



Pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period and the first time spent together with your child are a natural process. Through my support, I want to encourage women and/or couples to find their own personal path at every stage. It is important to me to take the time to answer all questions and to provide comprehensive information. Decisions should have a foundation and there should be room for doubt. Personal wishes are also important.


Midwife consultation

You have a right to midwife assistance from the beginning of your pregnancy and are welcome to contact me. Among other things, I will advise you on the choice of birth location, birth preparation options, nutrition and lifestyle during pregnancy, partnership and sexuality, practical preparation for the child, as well as social support during pregnancy and after the birth.